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Khorfakkan Municipal Council

Khorfakkan Municipal Council as part of Sharjah, provides state of the art services and
technologies to its residents. As part of their continuous improvements in the infrastructure and
quality of services they opted to re-design the website for the year 2017.
A Complete fresh look and a responsive web design by competitive web Design Company in Dubai,
Sharjah and entire country.It’s a user friendly website with latest trends and technologies
used all around.

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Ajman Bank

Ajman Bank is a young, agile Islamic commercial bank built on the values of integrity,
trust and transparency. The first Islamic bank incorporated in the Emirate of Ajman, the Bank was
established in 2007. Its shares were listed on the Dubai Financial Market in February 2008 and
the Bank opened officially and started operations in 2009 from two branches in Ajman.
The Bank now has branches and ATMs across the UAE.

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The Government of UAE

A brand new responsive web design for the Government of UAE: courtesy RSI Concepts,
one of the premier web design companies in Dubai. A very user friendly website for one
of the most often used websites in UAE.
RSI Concepts enjoyed the challenge of creating a responsive web design for the
Government of UAE. It was a test of our technical skills. The website is a testimony of our achievement.
If you are looking to redesign your website or create a new website which is responsive,
look no further. We will give you the best web designing services in Dubai - UAE.

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The Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA)

The Telecom Regulatory Authority has an image makeover! We mean in the online space.TRA
has got a pristine and responsive web design. This has been created by one of the leading web
design companies in Dubai: RSI Concepts. The new website reflects the technical competence and
constantly evolving fundamentals of the TRA. A fresh digital image for the digital authority of UAE!
The Team RSI Concepts adopted a methodology of discuss, deliberate, and design to create a very
customer friendly and responsive website for TRA. The new website is the successful product of the
mechanism. If you are planning to revamp your old website or construct a new website, drop us a line!
We would love to provide you with the best web design services available in Dubai and UAE!

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Mohammad Bin Rashid
Smart Learning Program

Muhammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program focused at seamlessly integrating international
teaching techniques into UAE’s prevalent education system. Incorporation of world class technology
components is also an agenda of the Muhammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program.
RSI Concepts, one of the leading web design company in Dubai - UAE, helped in totally revamping the
website of Muhammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program.The new website is a highly advanced
technical website which reflects the inherent technology goals of the Muhammad Bin Rashid Smart
Learning Program.

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Invest Bank – Sharjah

Invest Bank is a leading commercial bank in Sharjah. One of the pioneering web design companies
in Dubai, RSI Concepts was involved in the redesigning of the website of Invest Bank. The fresh look
of the website showcases Invest Bank’s products and strengths in a subtle and customer friendly
manner: a reflection of how the bank operates.
Invest Bank’s website conveys a robustness and solidity which stems out of being built on world class
technologies.RSI Concept’s team is adept of constructing responsive web designs in Dubai. Our team’s
technical expertise was used and is emphatically highlighted in the recently revamped Invest Bank
website. If you are looking to give your company an online facelift, connect with us! We are committed
to rendering the best web design services you can find in Dubai.

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City University College of Ajman (CUCA)

City University College of Ajman (CUCA) recently redesigned their website using the expertise of RSI
Concepts, a forerunner in web designing in Dubai. CUCA is an educational institution for higher learning
offering a multitude of courses. The recreated website is erected on robust technology platforms and
facilitates easy navigation. This new CUCA website conveys zest, vibrancy, and youthfulness which arise
out of the cutting edge technology used for the responsive web design.
RSI Concepts has vast experience in furnishing responsive web designs in Dubai. The team enjoyed the
challenge of creating a web design which portrays the philosophy of CUCA and connects with the
young populace. The CUCA website stands testimony of RSI Concepts’ promise of being a trailblazing
web design company in Dubai. If you want a top notch website makeover, contact us!

RSI Concepts – Web Design Dubai

Give your web presence a refreshing makeover with RSI Concepts, a trusted web design Dubai, UAE based company offering a wide range of web designing and development solutions. We know how crucial it is for your business to have a robust and strong online presence and for that reason we are offering cost effective web design services so that small businesses with tight budget can afford our services too.

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Web Design

You need to have a strong online presence & we can help you achieve this.


Web Development

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Enables full control over the content and other data of your website?

eCommerce and Online Stores

eCommerce and Online Stores

Our eCommerce solution allows a few clicks purchasing with optimum security.


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Whether you need mobile version/application or responsive web design, we do it all.

SEO & Social Media Marketing

SEO & Social Media Marketing

Want to reinforce your online marketing to drive traffic from search engines?

Online Marketing & Branding

Online Marketing & Branding

Fed up with lackluster presence of your brand on the web? We are here to help.

Graphics and 3D Animation

Graphics and 3D Animation

Capture the imagination of the visitors with eye catching graphic design and 3D.

Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020

The Dubai Expo 2020 is a golden opportunity for your brand to gain international exposure.


Important Factors in Web Designing

Sharjah is a state in United Arab Emirates with a population of  nearly one million and the businesses here has the digital requirements, specially website design and web development for new and established businesses.

In today’s digital world most of us are convinced about any service or any product based on the information provided on a company’s website. In just seconds people make their decision about any particular service after visiting their site. Thus, hiring a good designing company generally and in Dubai or Sharjah is a crucial thing for any business. Some of the essential factors are given below, which you should consider before going for website design:

* Know your target audience: people are different from each other and the websites too are not same to one another. Thus, you must take some time to check out who all you actually want to target through your website. If you are not are not aware about your target audience, then you can’t fulfill the needs of your customers through your website. If this happens, then the people will become disinterested in your service or product.

* You should focus on simplicity: You might not know this, but the people do complain a lot about the websites, when they don’t know where should they look at a site. You should always focus on displaying all your information in an easy and attractive manner. This way you will let the user to read all your content easily and will navigate your format in a comfortable way. Only with a simple layout the users will feel overwhelmed and will want to spend more time on your site.

* Never forget that the content is the king and queen both: We generally think that by adding more colors, images, font choices and logos are the most important thing for nay site. In reality,  people are not considered about the design, but about the content. Thus, how you present your content and what it say both are important for the site. You should always keep your content up to date, by doing this your audience will know that you are ahead of the competition.

* Make your site responsive enough: Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone and thus responsive website is essential to stay in the market. By this your site will be available to everyone and everywhere. By making your site responsive you can fit your site on any screen size and on any device.
The customers will find it easy to use.

If you are looking for a website design company in Sharjah, then various good options are available for you. You can find many good Web design companies in Sharjah, you just need to widen your search. You can take their help in designing beautiful websites, which will attract more and more potential customers. What else do you expect from a good website?….Actually, nothing else, so go for it.

Things To Consider While Choosing a Web Design Agency In Dubai

When you are launching a new website, then the most crucial thing about it is to choose the perfect designer. Nowadays, so many designing companies are available and it is very hard to figure out which one will fit our needs in the best way.

But, there are few things which you can consider while hiring a design company for your website. Like it is essential to see if the company is actually helping you in reaching your target audience and your business goals.

Here are a few things that you can look while selecting a design company:

* They should listen to your ideas: You know the depth about your industry and you know what kind of service people love. Whatever ideas you have for your site, about how to present yourself in front of your potential customers, should always be heard by the design company. If they are unable to do the same, then you probably don’t want to work with them. Your design company must know how to put your ideas into action and not make it one of their pet projects.

* They should also have some amazing ideas of their own for you: Though it is important for a design company to listen to the ideas of their client, it shouldn’t be like they are agreeing to all sorts of right and wrong ideas that you present. A web design company should also know how to bring up new and attractive ideas to the table.

* They should also have a marketing department: Would you like a Ferrari without an engine?….I hope not, the same way a web designing company without a marketing department is kind of incomplete. The reason is we all want more than just an eye-catching website, you want it to work for real. When a web designing company is comprised of all the departments like designers, developers, and marketers, then you can be sure that the finished product will do more than just a pretty paperweight.

* They must design keeping CMS in mind: You actually require a content management system for your website. Without it you will be calling the designer each day for a new update. Any web designing company should be familiar with content management systems like Drupal, Magento, WordPress etc.

Web design companies are not difficult to find in Dubai, as there are various web design companies in Dubai, which provides amazing designing and developing criteria. They will also help you to stay staring in the competition. You can design a good website with their help and all you need to do is to focus on your business.

Common Software Development Concerns

A software development company has to face many different challenges regarding their daily operations and the Web Development in Sharjah and Dubai has its very own challenges according to market variation. By reading this article you can find the common concerns that a company encounters.

* Clear initial requirements: Before starting any software project, the company should know what do their clients require. But it might happen that what all a client wants is not actually what it requires. Thus, a system analyst should know how to identify the requirements. But this doesn’t imply that your client doesn’t know what he wants from his system. You should know that the client describes the problems, but not the solution. The system analyst should find the solutions to all the problems and should also know how to understand the perspective of the client. A document should be maintained and the client should sign it. All these requirements must be explained to the development team prior to starting the project.

* Schedule the work and keep track of the timelines: A software development is completed only by completing the tasks. The main problem is how to keep up with the hours and days which are allocated for different tasks. Reasons are there that will lead to delays in completing any task. But it is important to tackle each and every reason. For this you will require a project management solution, where the developers can keep you updated on a daily basis and you will be able to issue time tracking reports. You can ask the project manager to review the tasks and to identify if anything is wrong or something is taking more time than the timeline. Giving the ownership of the project to a particular person would make it easy for you to schedule the time and to keep a check on the project.

* Stick to the requirements that were decided in the initial stage: Every development company will inform you whenever any changes occur in the initial requirements. This will also affect the delivery time and when it’s with an outsourcing company this will make more delays in the project. The solution is not at all straight forward as every company want to impress their clients, but it becomes hard sometimes to accommodate all the requirements. That is why you need to analyze during quoting and if any delay will be there I the project due to changes.

Software Development companies in Dubai are not difficult to find. You can easily search a Software Development company in Dubai, but don’t forget to go for the best one. They will help you in designing a serene and attractive site for your product and services. So, go and contact them now for your site work.


RSI Queue System is a robust system which caters to ABK’s requirements by ensuring a ‘simpler banking’ experience and optimizing client satisfaction.
Alicia Culbert
Alicia Culbert Executive Manager, Operations - UAE, Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait KSCP.

We had to launch the website within very short timeline for Gitex, thanks to the attentiveness and quick response of RSI Concepts team who made it possible. The beautiful design and stunning animations work better than expected.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning program

RSI Queue has helped the management to keep a transparent record of the quality of services provided to the elite clients of AGMC Dubai.

Ahmad Malik
Ahmad Malik Training Manager, BMW AGMC Dubai.

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